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  1. Video lectures are made available to the subscribers for their personal use.
  2. We are not responsible for activation/delivery of video lectures sold by us. However we will try our best to activate lectures within time but it is subject to approval by respective faculty whose video lecture we sell. Student must contact directly to respective institute for activation as provided.
  3. These lectures are having a fixed validity period in terms of number of hours as well as date, whichever is earlier. Normally Faculty allow 50% time extra e.g. if total lecture duration is 100 hours, they allow you 150 hours. However, if the expiry date comes even before expiry of hours allocated to you, your subscription gets terminated automatically.
  4. You may contact us for buying extra hours.
  5. These lectures are for your personal use only.
  6. If it is discovered at any point of time that you have shared your video lectures/ebook or userid & password with any other person, your account will be deactivated immediately and for that – (a) No refund will be given (b) No complaint will be entertained (c) You will be liable to pay compensation which will be 10 times of the fee paid by you for the subject/subjects opted by you.
  7. If you found to be using the video commercially or copying in any mode either on your computer or through camera or any other mode, then you will be liable to pay us damages equal to 100 (one hundred) times of the fee paid or payable by you for the subject or subjects.
  8. We are not responsible for completeness or updation of video lectures.
  9. These video lectures/books/eBooks/Notes do not guarantee your success.
  10. By subscribing to these video lectures/books/eBooks/Notes you unconditionally and irrevocably agree to receive our promotional mails, SMSs and phone calls.

Product/service details:

This portal is make available video lectures/books/eBooks/Notes for almost all the subjects relevant for CA, CS and CWA students.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Product once purchased cannot be cancelled or adjusted against any other subject under any condition. Therefore, there is no question of refund.

Privacy Policy:

Any information or data collected is purely for use by us. Under no circumstances, it will be shared by any person.

Wallet Balance:

Any balance in wallet maintained with kunalsir.in can only be used to make payment for order placed at kunalsir.in. The maximum amount which can be used to place a single order would depend upon terms and condition of product which will be displayed to user be fore checkout.

Validity of wallet balance is subject to promotional offer under which cashback is given. User cannot recharge their wallet and cannot pay to other users of this site.

In case of any discrepancy / dispute the matter will be under jurisdiction of Udaipur [RAJASTHAN] only.