Test series aims to improve performance of students in and guide them how to write in exams. It has been observed that mostly students mis-understood question and write wrong answers. This test series will help students to identify where they are committing mistake and guide them how to write correct answers in exams.

This test series will work like this

Number of Papers5 Test papers covering full syllabus in Each Paper and 1 Mock Test Paper for each Paper
Mode of Question PaperQuestion paper will be send through email/whatsapp
How to submit answer copyStudents can mail/whatsapp PDF of answer copy. Students has to send PDF only. Individual images will not be considered

Students residing at UDAIPUR can come and meet sir directly.

Whether Suggested Answers will be ProvidedYes
Whether student can ask doubt/query related to question in question papersMinor doubt/query will be answered. If students wants to clear concepts or discuss at large, he/she can book online individual session.