Get Ready for Nov 2021/ May 2022 ExamsComplete EIS-SM in Just 40 hoursLearn at home. No need to go anywhere

Special features of Kunal Sir’s Video Lectures

  1. Students can ask doubt/query to Kunal sir directly. Generally students can’t ask doubt to faculty directly in elearning but in our case students can ask doubt to Kunal sir.
  2. We provide video solution if doubt can’t be solved over telephone. So students will not have any doubt or difficulty in understanding any topic.
  3. Complete syllabus of EIS in just 30 and SM in 10 hours only. As we do only study in our classes, so less time is required.
  4. FREE access to MCQ test portal. Click here to see demo
  5. Textbook by Kunal sir covering full study material, RTP and PM. Also one summary book to help students to revise complete syllabus in a day before exams.
  6. Full syllabus coverage with conceptual learning.
  7. Exam oriented approach.
  8. All material and lectures are latest updated for upcoming exams.
  9. We send all exam related updates, new updates by ICAI to students instantly. So our students always have latest news.
  10. Videos are helpful for those students also who haven’t studied subject earlier. Means if you are studying first time also, you can easily understand and score in exams.
  11. Very userfriendly software. Our software works on WINDOWS 7/8/10 and Android also.
  12. Chapter wise test series. [not part of package]    …… and many more.

EIS-SM Video Lectures

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